Mortgage simulator

At Colamerica you are our priority. That’s why we have a mortgage simulator for you that will help you calculate the estimated monthly payment to make your dream of owning your own home a reality.

Contact one of our financial services advisors for more information.

Instructions for use

Fill out the following fields according to the required data:

  • Listing price: Enter the price of the property you want.
  • Interés Rate %: The interest rate at which you currently apply.
  • Amortization: Select the term in which you wish to make your mortgage payment.
  • Down payment: Enter the initial payment that you plan to make when applying for your mortgage.
  • Rental income:

Notice: Do not include commas, decimal points, or dollar signs on the form.

If you would like more information, call or chat with us to refer you to a loan officer.

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Total cost of loan
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Total Interest Paid
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Mortgage Payment
{{formatAsCurrency(payment, 2, '$', )}}
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Year: {{ graphSelection.year }}
Principal: {{ graphSelection.principal }}
Remaining: {{ graphSelection.principalPercent }}
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